The Yakima Basin Integrated Plan is about making sure Washington’s Yakima Basin is always a great place for fish, families and farms.

An Innovative Solution

To restore the health and integrity of the Yakima River Basin we must balance the needs of people with the needs of the land and river — now and in the future. The Yakima Basin Integrated Plan (Yakima Plan) is a solution that ensures our public lands and waters remain open for everyone to enjoy from the forested headwaters to the arid shrub-steppe of the Yakima Valley.

This balanced package of actions will protect lands and waters, improve water quality and quantity, restore salmon and steelhead populations, improve natural and built infrastructure, drive a healthy recreation economy, and return sustainable jobs to the woods.

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You Can Help

To implement the plan we need to secure government funding and make sure important legislation is passed. Join us in calling on Congress to support the Yakima Plan, pass critical legislation and drive funding to this work.

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Maria Hines

Locally-sourced Seattle restaurants like Tilth rely on Yakima Basin farms.

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Brian Saluskin

The Yakama Nation has depended on Yakima River salmon since time immemorial.

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Steve Joyce

Recreational fishing is big in the Yakima Basin, and the Yakima Canyon’s blue ribbon trout fishery needs water.

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Michael Roy

Farmers need a reliable water supply to grow hops, cherries, wine grapes, apples, peaches, and other crops.

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The What, Where and How of the Integrated Plan

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